video / Audio / Subtitle Issues

Issues with navigation/downloading

Issues with dead links/links not found

Issues with commenting


I cant see the subtities, what to do ?

Update media player to the latest and see if that works, some default players like windows media players dont work well with x265 encoding that we do here

I want something in raw, what to do?

Drop a request in the forum – since we do soft subs we will try to do it in sub – you can disable softsubs in any media player.
Win win

I am not able to download, what do do?

First lets divide the issue – what exactly is the issue?

-Are you having trouble navigating the site?
We made the site navigation as easy as we could – however newbies may still get lost as to what goes – should so feel the same you can
Drop a comment explaining the issue or use the contact us form and we will try to assist you ūüôā

-Are you having trouble seeing through the shitty popups?

Use an adblocker – we recommend ublock origin
Sadly mobile phone users on chrome are stuck with popups – use mozilla or something that has an adblocker

-Are you stuck at the url shortener?

Use an adblocker to ease the way ( We recommend Ublock Origin)
Click download button > shortener url will open up ( ex ouo.press/abaracadabra ) click get link / if captcha is there solve captcha > wait a sec or two > click “get link button”
now when you click the button some popups will open up > keep closign those and click the button again > > it will then take you to the download link – mega or gdrive as available.

Should you still face issues or the link is down or anything else
Drop a comment or use the Contact Us form.

You passed the url shortener but the download link on mega or gdrive seems to be taken down?

Beep boop – boop beep – looks like the link got taken down – let us know in the forum

Please do not use the contact us form to report dead links

The Anime i downloaded has issues with video or sync, what to do?

Check if you can adjust audio or subtitle delay on your media player, if its still worse report it to us and we will try to issue a fix.

If the issues are with the video – report it to us.

Report it to us in the forum under the dead links and issue section

I downloaded but not able to play, only audio shows and rest is a black screen, what to do?

We do encodes on x265 mostly – those are not supported by potato machines or outdated video players

Update your media player or codecs and see if that fixes it or not.
Else use the contact us form or report it to the forum under Dead links and Issues section.

How do i drop comments?

Register on disqus or login with available social networks.

I commented but its now showing, why?

Sometimes for newbs some comments are sent for moderator approval – we approve such comments manually once a day.
Wait a day and your comment will be posted.

Tell us in the comments or use the contact us form if you need more assistance

If you wish to know more about the site go to the F.A.Q Page

If you wish to know more about the staff go to the About Us Page

If you want access to DDL go to the All About DDL Page

If you want to contact us regarding anything else go the Community Support Center 

If you want to join the group go to the Pirates Summit and apply, read rules first


Sawada ~
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